Sorting type probleme

Sorting type probleme 2015-02-24T08:47:11+00:00

If you notice any difference between the PinSound and the original sound board in rendering you can help up solving it by following theses instructions:

  1. Enable record mode: as instructed in the configuration page
  2. Play few games in order to record a “.psrec”
  3. Send us the generated “.psrec” present on the flash drive by mail at (try to give us information about the issue)

For your information you can check Check the type sorting (music, sfx and voices) according to theses rules:

  • music: sound must be named to describe context when this music is played
  • voice: sound must be named to translate exact speech
  • sfx: sound must be named to describe type of sound
  • jingle: sound are short announce, when played, other sounds are paused
  • single: background music which is played only once (no loop)


And you can change a sound folder from a type to another in order to change the rendering.

Thank you for your help !