Troubleshooting 2017-05-19T10:05:50+00:00

No sound at all

Check power connectors and speakers connectors.

Also check the led status.

What is this startup beep?

With all the files present on the USB flash drive, the boot can be quite long, there is a audio feedback (beep) to tell you that everything is running fine.

During the boot, you can already start a game and the sound will keep up once the flash drive loaded.

We are working to improve this startup time.

There is sound, but only on startup

Check if the USB flash drive is present with proper folder structure.

Check data ribbon cable and led status.

Some sound are played, the timing doesn’t sound right

Change the category of this particular sound.

Don’t hesitate to run the PinSound Studio with theses changes to check easily.

I purchased the board for a machine and I want to try it in another

Check if the new pinball machine is supported here.

Install the board to the new machine. (for WPC-95, an extra harness is required)

Download the new audio structure/audio mix to the USB flash drive. (remove the previous audio mix)

That’s it, the board is compatible to many machines