Changing mixes during game

Changing mixes during game 2015-08-28T12:12:13+00:00

If you put multiple mixes on the flash drive, you can change mixes during the game at any time by using the volume control.

  • Change the volume to the minimum until you hear this

WPC89, WPC-DCS, WPC95: set the volume to 0 two consecutive times using the door volume control.

DATA-EAST, System 11: set the volume to the  far left using the door volume potentiometer.

  • A preview of the new mix will then be played.
  • Simply increase the volume back to select the mix you want.

Repeat the previous steps to change to another mix or revert to the first one.

Important note: you may have to change your settings to allow “min. volume override” (to be able to reach 0)