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Kit Shaker Motion Control

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Bally Williams WPC 89-DCS

Black Rose / Creature From the Black Lagoon / Doctor Who / Dracula / Fish Tales / Funhouse / Getaway / Gilligan’s Island / Harley-Davidson / Hurricane / Party Zone / Terminator 2 / The Addams Family / The Machine : Bride of Pin·bot / Twilight Zone / White Water

Corvette / Demolition Man / Dirty Harry / Indiana Jones / Indianapolis 500 / Jack·Bot / Johnny Mnemonic / Judge Dredd / No Fear / Popeye / Saves the Earth / Red & Ted’s Road Show / Star Trek: TNG / Theatre of Magic / The Flintstones / The Shadow / Who Dunnit / World Cup Soccer

Bally Williams WPC 95

Attack from Mars / Cactus Canyon / Congo / Junk Yard / Medieval Madness / Monster Bash / NBA Fastbreak / Scared Stiff / Tales of the Arabian Nights /The Champion Pub

Sega / Stern Whitestar

Apollo 13 / Godzilla / Goldeneye / Independance Day / Lost In Space / South Park / Space Jam / Star Wars Trilogy / Starship Troopers / The Lost World Jurassic Park / The X Files / Twister / Viper Night Drivin’

Austin Powers / Elvis / Grand Prix / Harley Davidson / High Roller Casino / Monopoly / NASCAR / NFL / Playboy / Ripley’s Believe It or Not! / RollerCoaster Tycoon / Sharkey’s Shootout / Striker Xtreme / Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines / The Lord of the Rings / The Simpsons Pinball Party / The Sopranos


Batman / Batman Forever / Baywatch / Frankenstein / Guns N’ Roses / Hook / Jurassic Park / Last Action Hero / Lethal Weapon 3 / Maverick The Movie / Rocky and Bullwinkle / Star Trek / Star Wars / Tales from the Crypt / The Who’s Tommy / WWF Royal Rumble

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Le statut attendu des LED lorsque tout fonctionne correctement:

La carte Motion Control est 100% compatible avec les carte PinSound 1.3 et 1.4.

Vous pouvez vérifier votre version de carte PinSound 1 en dessous du logo au centre de la carte son.

Veuillez mettre à jour votre carte PinSound avec le dernier firmware.


  1. check the LEDs status:
    1. EXT1 connected green
    2. EXT1 data: blue
    3. Shaker PWR: green
  2. after startup
    1. the EXT1 data blue will switch from stead to glow up/down
    2. the shaker will make a startup sound :
    3. Diagnosis file: on the flash drive, the « pinsound-self-diag.txt » should contain a line with:
Motion Control

If the LEDs status are correct but you don’t get any shaker event while playing, it probably means your pinball machine has not been shakerized (yet), in this case, the « pinsound-self-diag.txt » file, in section Sound Package:

	> Motion Control: no official nor user shaker events found

You can either wait for the official shakerization to be available (subscribe to our newsletter to be notified) or easily do it yourself with the PinSound Studio Pro software.

Vous pouvez définir vos propres événements shakers (durée, puissance, événements déclencheurs, …) avec l’aide du logiciel PinSound Studio Pro.

Si une shakerization officielle est déjà disponible pour ce flipper, votre configuration shaker remplacera complètement la shakerization officielle.

Motion Control Shaker Kit
Get ready to shake!
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