Headphone kit

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PinSound headphone kit




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Headphone kit Headphone kit installed
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Integrated connector setup Temporary connector setup

Available on the shop here, this is a set including:

  • hook to fit on the leg’s bolt of the machine
  • headphone extension cable with mute capability explained here
  • the headphone connector can be mounted in 2 different ways: integrated or temporary

Headphone extension: integrated

Required tools

  • PH2 screwdriver
  • 6mm and 12mm (1/4 and 1/2″) drill bits
  • Power drill


IMG_2827 IMG_2831 IMG_2833
Drill a small hole into bottom the cabinet, from inside to outside Increase hole size with the bigger bit from outside to inside From outside to inside to prevent fraying
IMG_2834 IMG_2835 IMG_2840
 Deburr the hole with sandpaper/tool  Cleaned hole Insert the jack connector,Fit into place using the 2 screws
IMG_2843 IMG_2841 IMG_2842
Unroll the extension cable, secure the cable with the provided nylon cable ties  The connector is then flush under the cabinet Quick and easy to connect headphones

Headphone extension: Temporary adhesive

Required tools

  • pair of cutting pliers


  1. Tape the headphone connector under the cabinet
  2. Secure the cable with the adhesive pads and nylon cable tie
  3. Plug the extension cable to the PinSound board
IMG_2844 IMG_2848

Headphone plate


  1. Unscrew one bolt of the right handed leg
  2. Fit the plate using the removed bolt
  3. Remove the second bolt
  4. Finish installing the plate
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