PinSound Quiz winners!

After few month here we are, the 31st of 2013 and the new year 2014 (happy new year by the way!).

Here are the 5 best quiz contributors and winners of the PinSound Quiz :

  1. quizz-1
  2. quizz-2
  3. quizz-3
  4. quizz-4
  5. quizz-5

Congratulation to Hansolo_911, Aline and Pacha, each of them won a PinSound. A coupon code of 269 € will be shortly sent to them !
Also Yann and Ulysse got a PinSound tee-shirt.

Here is the giveaway among contributors with 50 songs (19 contributors).
The random picking has been made this way :

The winner are :

  1. quizz-random-1
  2. quizz-random-2
  3. quizz-random-3

Julien42 will also get a coupon code of 269 € to order a PinSound Board.
Rossz and Solus85 will receive a PinSound tee-shirt in they mailbox shortly.

What next? The Quiz is dead, long live the Quiz !

As you can see on the home page, they are still pinball machine with sounds to name. In the beta phase coming soon, we are looking for players knowing well those machines. In order to beta-test PinSound sounds, naming sound has to be done, so don’t hesitate to choose a pinball and contribute ! :)

Very soon, more info about the beta phase.

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