We are pleased to announce that the Sega and Stern-WhiteStar compatibility is a work in Progress.

It will be an plug an play extension connection kit ( data + power ), compatible with the existing PinSound board: exactly like the WPC-95, again, you will be able to use the same board for many different titles.

We don’t have a price neither an availability yet but we assure you this is coming.


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    1. I am counting the days until finished. Stern Elvis will be complete with this board. Any update on progress, or date when ready?

    1. Great – with a LOTR I will also buy it immediately!
      -> @nicolas: “Never been so close”… Any forecast?

    1. Yes, we will look into prior pinball machines compatibility in the following months.

  1. Hey guys it’s been 9 months since the announcement regarding pinsound for whitestar stern. Any update? And will this work for Atmel CPU, lotr, sopranos, Elvis etc ?

    1. We are just waiting for enough people posting a comment on this thread to release our Whitestar adapter… :)
      More seriously, everything takes longer than expected, we hope to release it as soon as possible.
      It will definitely work with all the Whitestar (SEGA / STERN) pinball machines (LOTR & Elvis included).

    1. Still working on it, sorry for the delay, we are doing our best! :)

  2. Just want to add, that I’m waiting too for your release of the Whitestar support.

    Hope it won’t take another year until you suceed in finalizing it.


    1. Whitestar will be soon available, but Metallica is SAM system, we’ll add this system, but it should be in 2017.

  3. Why announce something in August 2016 and still not have it released by May 2017? Are you encountering manufacturing problems? Doe the alpha/beta systems work? Want this for my LOTR!!!

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