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    High grade manufacturing pinballs for your pinball machine! Pack of 8 chromium premium quality balls for any pinball machine. Best ever quality: absolute mirror finish, you won't find more shiny pinballs! Gift included: super soft drawstring pouch, to store your chromium balls when you move your machine.

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    The perfect DMD controller board for your Bally Williams WPC pinball machine. DMDLux works on all Bally Williams WPC models (89/DCS/95) and with every DMD displays. Setup in less than 30 seconds, no soldering, no technical skill required, adjustable brightness.

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    Fix your 5V issue on your WPC pinball machine: No More Reset! Install this accessory in less than 30 seconds and play! This module can be removed as easily as it is installed without any modifications to the WPC machine. Compatible with WPC, WPC-S and WPC95 MPU

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  • $504.85

    With this kit, you can replace your missing or damaged WPC95 audio/video board!This kit includes everything needed: PinSound+ sound board, DMDLux display controller board, wiring, ... and comes with the benefits of a PinSound+ board: play with original sounds or a new enhanced sound package!Replacement kit for: #A-20516 / #A-20516-50041

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