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Get it running, in a matter of minutes


Mechanical installation guide

How to install the board in you machine

Hardware manual

All hardware features detailed, from switches to connectors

Recommended Tone and Volume per machine

The recommended potentiometer settings for every machine, to get the best tone control

Headphone kit installation

How to install the headphone kit

Mono to stereo 2.1 re-wiring (except Data East)

Re-wiring to enjoy stereo 2.1 on your machine


Software features

All the software features detailed


How to use the configuration file

Sound file conversion

How to convert files to the proper format

Sound file organisation

How to place files on the USB flash drive

Changing mixes during game

How to change mix package

Firmware update

How to update the software on the board


Bugs and troubleshooting

You have a problem, first have a look here