Visual Pinball DLL

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Visual Pinball is an amazing pinball emulator using PinMAME

The VPinball DLL edited by PinSound let you play with your favorite virtual tables with the PinSound audio engine!

Furthermore, you will be able to record “.psrec” files during games. This “.psrec” file is simply a recording of sounds instructions that you can replay in the PinSound Studio to improve your own sound package creation.

Installation intructions
Simply replace the VPinMame.dll by the downloaded version in the “PinMame32/” folder.

Visual Pinball and PinSound audio engine

  1. start the PinSound Studio software
  2. in the Visual Pinball tab, check that you have affected a ROM name to your sound package
  3. check the connectivity with Visual Pinball status
  4. launch your Visual Pinball table

Visual Pinball sound instructions recording

  1. Start a table from Visual Pinball.
  2. A “PinSound” folder will be automatically created in the VPinball.exe folder.
  3. Once the game ended, copy the “XYZ.psrec” file in the “playback/” folder of the PinSound Studio software.