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PinSound Headphones Station
The volume of your machine, always at your fingertip.
With your headphones, now you are playing.
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Complete your PinSound experience

Fullness for your pinball machine immersion

Compatible with PinSound+ and PinSound 1

Headphones connectivity

Plug your headphones, the speakers will be automatically muted
(can be overridden)

Control the volume

Analog control, digital volume, at your fingertip!
For headphones when plugged in, for main speakers when not.

Change sound package on the fly

Integrated change sound package feature

Sleek design

The Headphones Station is perfectly integrated

Must have PinSound accessory


  • headphones connected auto-detection
  • main speakers mute-on-plug
  • analog volume potentiometer with digital noise free control
  • main speakers volume control (when no headphones are connected)
  • headphones volume control (when heapdhones are connected)
  • change sound package on-the-fly
  • hook your headphones when your game is over
  • night friendly status LED
  • sleek and integrated design
  • top quality and high density material
  • no drill, a thin cable will run under and behind the cabinet

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Upgrade your pinball machine.

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The PinSound+ boards are warranted to the original owner against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product.

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