Upgrade your machine and start a new game!

Sound Board


Advanced sound technology.

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Sound System

Speakers & Subwoofer

High sensitivity and extended frequency response.

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Headphones Station

Always at your fingertip.

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STERN Subwoofer & Line-Out connector

Plug any subwoofer or external amplifier.

Shaker Motor

Motion Control Shaker Kit
for PLUS & NEO

Synchronized shaker with 12+ patterns.

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Stern Spike Shaker Kit

Must have upgrade for Spike machines

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Original Parts

Look into the future and anticipate.

RocketCPU WPC89-S-95

Bally / Williams CPU

Available soon


Bally / Williams DMD controller.

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No More Reset

+5V guarantee.

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Super glossy chromium balls

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Accessories for your favorite pinball machine

Data East Power Booster
for PLUS & NEO

Pack of 8 super glossy chromium pinballs

WPC Bally Williams Wireless Remote Controller

PinPAC8 Pinnovators integrated headphones coin door panel

PinSound Software

PinSound Studio Pro software

Create your own pinball machine sound pack and shaker pack.

Pinball machine manufacturing

PinSound XL

Discover our pinball machine industrial core platform.