PinSound Board

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PinSound is a new sound board for pinball machines

The PinSound kit is compatible with Data East Rev3, System11-C, WPC89, WPC-S & WPC95 pinballs machines.


PinSound Board


  • plug and play sound board
  • full new amp 2.1 to provide the best sound for original speakers
  • each legacy sound can be upgraded with your own sound (can be easily updated with a computer)
  • possibility of mix between original sounds and high quality sounds (each time you set volume to 0, the PinSound board changes mix)
  • multi-tracks (the PinSound board can play many songs at the same time, unlike legacy sound board, which is more limited)
  • headset / line-out connector
  • tone control (treble, bass, bass boost, …)
  • fader control (back-box and cabinet independent volumes)
  • potentiometer input for DATA-EAST and SYSTEM-11
  • made in France

Compatibility list

PinSound board is an enhanced replacement sound board for :


PinSound Data East System 11-C WPC pre-DCS WPC DCS WPC 95
Speaker output Stereo 2.1 Stereo 2.1 Mono 1.0 Mono 1.0 Mono 1.1 (Cabinet/backbox) Mono 1.1 (Cabinet/backbox)
Memory support

USB flash drive


Sample rate 44Khz 11KHz 11KHz 11KHz 32KHz 32KHz
File type support WAV (44KHz stereo) proprietary format proprietary format proprietary format proprietary format proprietary format
Power output

2x20W + 1x30W 90% efficiency


Bass boost Yes No No No No No
Tune control Bass, Treble, Fader, Balance No No No No No
Headphone output Yes, switched on plug No No No No No
Line out output Yes No No No No No
Volume control Digital and potentiometer (digitalized) potentiometer potentiometer digital digital digital
Extension connector I2C extension bus No Audio input No Audio input No
Auto mute after 30sec Yes No No No No No
Multiple audio game mix Yes No No No No No
Custom sounds Yes  No No No No No

Multiple sounds for same audio event


Yes No No No No No
Multiple sounds Up to 6 tracks Limited Limited Limited Limited Limited
Protected input/output Yes No No No No No

One board: multiple machines

The same PinSound board is drop in compatible with multiple pinball machines, meaning that you can give a try to any of your pinball machines.



meca_deData East

meca_sys11System 11-C



PinSound installation / demonstration (in French)