Super Glossy Chromium Balls

Hardened Carbon Chromium Steel Pinballs

Hardened Carbon Chromium

High Grade Manufacturing

Mirror Finish Pinballs

Scratch resistant

Premium Quality

1-1/16″ – 80g

Drawstring pouch

Rustproof Packaging

Rust-proof packaging!
Each pinball is slightly oiled to ensure a very long storage protection

Probably the shiniest pinballs ever!

Chromium Multiballs

When you really like to play pinball, every detail matters. Balls quality is one of the most important part, as you’re interacting with these balls all the time.

Scratch resistant and ultra high grade mirror finish: enjoy your game with a set of premium quality pinball balls!

We chose the best quality materials, a high grade manufacturing process and a mirror finish to bring the “sooooo shiny” Chromium Multiballs to you!

Get your pack of 6 pinballs!

Even on the move, keep your Pinball balls protected

We include, as a complimentary gift, a super soft drawstring pouch, to store your chromium balls when you move your machine.

100% microfiber, drawstring, easy to store in your coinbox (or wherever you want).

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