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How to install a RocketCPU WPC-89-S board?

RocketCPU WPC-89-S installation manual

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WPC Status LED

Situated at the top left of the board, normally running board must show:
  • D19 Blanking: Off
  • D20 Running: Blinking green
  • D21 Power: Green

  • D20 blinks 1 time: problem with the CPU ROM
  • D20 blinks 2 times: problem with the CPU RAM
  • D20 blinks 3 times: problem with the ASIC or Security Chip

To get more information about WPC LED status, check out the detailed Pinwiki LEDs page

No More Reset Status LED

  • 5V in  : the original 5V is present
  • 12V in  : the original 12V is present
  • 5V CPU  : the guaranteed 5V provided by the No More Reset is working correctly
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Close-up picture of the connectors plugged at the bottom of the RocketCPU.
If you have an early WPC game (like Harley Davidson) with a small ROM size (512K/1M), you have to follow the W1 / W2 switch settings.

Rom size W1 W2
512K/1M OFF ON

The settings are the same as the original CPU board W15 / W16 / W17 / W18.

Here is a helpful table to select your country:


The settings are the same as the original CPU board W1 / W2 / W3 / W4 / W5 / W6 / W7 / W8 (you can refer to the original WPC CPU manual for information).

As a helpful reminder, here are the default jumper settings:

On Twilight Zone, if you get the display error “Country Code must be specificed using jumpers W15-W18”, configure your country switches to AMERICA2

Multipass Blinking  :

  • 2 blinks → WPC-89 detected
  • 4 blinks → WPC-S detected

RocketCPU WPC-89-S

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