A Game-Changing Update for Terminator 2 : EPROM Version 8.4

Get ready for an epic upgrade to your Terminator 2 pinball machine with EPROM version 8.4!

This latest release introduces features and improvements that will take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Key Features of Version 8.4:

  • Bug Fixes: Addressed various issues such as function ID overlap, 5-bank target discrepancies, and the PAPA Lost Super Jackpot bug.
  • Customization: Added feature adjustments for cannon hits, autofire timers, and Super Jackpot lamp behaviors.
  • Tournament Mode Enhancement: Ensured that all players in multiplayer mode have the same experience with database awards, lamp patterns, and video modes.
  • Attract Mode: Added interactive elements for prospective players to engage with the game.

Many thanks to Averell and friends, who dedicated countless hours to crafting this ROM, enhancing the Terminator 2 pinball machine experience.