The new Pinsound's website is now fully updated!

At Pinsound, we always try to give you the best experience possible. And even if “gaming pleasure” is the first thing that comes to our mind, we also want to improve user experience outside of gaming.

This is something that we are willing to develop in our products. Ease of installation and use are mandatory for us, but something that a lot of companies are missing today is ease of finding. We take a step back, and decided that it was the right moment to improve our website:

  • With the new search bar, you can now find your own machine and quickly see everything we have to offer!
  • We added a new color chart to give you a faster and personalized website experience. It also helps to identify every Pinsound universes, like sound or motion for example!

There are much more changes that you will discover, and we hope that you will enjoy all of them!

Check out the new features in the following video!

This is the brand new color chart, to help you find easily what your machine needs!

What are you waiting for? It’s your turn to play!

Start here!