What makes PinSound shakers better than others

Superior in quality and performance

Integrated motor power filter

To prevent EMI (Electro Magnetic Interferences) causing erratic behavior of the system (reset, misfire, etc…) an integrated double C/L PI filter is embedded into the PinSound motor brush-holder. The C/L (capacitor-inductor) filter is a type of passive filter that uses a combination of capacitors and inductors to attenuate unwanted high frequency signals while allowing lower frequency signals to pass through.

This helps improve the overall performance of the motor by reducing electrical interference and increasing the accuracy of the motor’s control signals.

It makes band-aid such as “Shaker Motor Filter Board for Stern SAM System #520-6934-00” useless with the PinSound shaker motor..

Last but not least, the PinSound shaker motor is free of the issue mentioned in the “Stern service bulletin #184” and is 100% fully compliant with Stern specification.

For reference, it was caused by an alternate shaker manufacturer, having included capacitor in the range of 100uF (instead of 100nF range) for filtering, causing over-consumption with games with PWM controlled shaker.

The shaker kit is an essential addition to your favorite pinball machine, once you’ve tasted it, you won’t be able to play without it!

Shaker Kit for Stern

Shaker Kit for PLUS/NEO

If you have a Stern SAM or Spike 1 & 2 pinball machine, you can add a shaker with this 100% Stern compliant kit.

The kit is very easy to install and comes with a friendly manual and a step-by-step installation video.

If you have a PLUS or NEO soundboard, you can add a shaker to your pinball machine with the Motion Control Shaker Kit.

Plug the Motion Control board (included) to your PLUS/NEO and make your game shake like never before!