Crafting high tech products, from a challenge to a unique savoir-faire…

A few years back, Timothée and Nicolas aka « The PinSound Brothers » embarked on the challenge of designing a new sound board that could bring high quality sound to yesterday’s pinball machines. The PinSound project was born and after a full round of designing, engineering and problems solving, they were able to organize the manufacturing process of the PinSound boards.

To beat an ambitious challenge, you always have to train and develop high skills. After 6 years, the two brothers have reached the point where all these skills are merging to become a unique savoir-faire !

The art of small series

At first glance, high tech engineering doesn’t really belong to the craft arts. We agree that smartphone or computer production is far different from wood working ! But if you look closely, creating very specific products, such as pinball boards, to produce them only in small series is really halfway between craft and industry !

After hours of brainstorming and tests to design a new product with Nicolas, Timothée spend weeks drawing schematics on his computer and choosing every components that will be part of the board. It’s a long and hard work but, when it’s finally done, he knows he will finally have the joy to build his new « creature » for real !

Christmas in April

When the mailman came with a pcb board and a full set of components last week, Tim looked like a kid on Xmas morning ! After a few hours of « stay focus and don’t shake », he had installed every components of the prototype and believe me, it really looked like jewellery !

He finally baked the very first board in his oven and after a cooldown he « tasted » it on a pinball. And from the smile on his face, looks delicious !

Fuelled to passion and challenge

At PinSound, we are always looking for smart solutions to enhance our game experience or to fix a problem we face with pinballs. And the best thing is that we are still having a lot of fun doing it because passion and challenges mix very well and creating high quality products always makes us proud.

So to keep the fun going, we found some new challenges to face and designed ways to make playing pinball even funnier ! We will launch new products in the next months, and hope you like them because they really are crafted high tech electronics products.

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  1. Hello guys,

    Is this board by any chance part of the shaker kit expansion? If so, that would bring a big smile to my face.
    Keep up the stellar work.



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