Here are fresh news about the PinSound board’s engineering !

We spent the last month working and finalizing the mechanical design. In order to be well integrated in every back-box of every supported pinballs.

The PinSound board is the same size as the WPC-89 board. We add strips to fit the DATA-EAST and WPC-DCS as they are wider.

Original WPC-89 board

Screenshot from 2014-02-13 10:55:23

We also added switches  for MONO/STEREO and BASS BOOST instead of too easy to loose jumpers.


Tuning potentiometer are now with a thumb-wheel adjustment instead of screw driver one.

Pot Piher

So here in exclusivity the last version of the PinSound board layout:

PinSound board fitting DATA-EAST

PS DE layout

PinSound board fitting WPC-89

PS WPC-89 layout

PinSound board fitting WPC-DCS

PS WPC-95 layout

There is a hidden bonus on  the board, will you find it?

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