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The board has been shipped to 16 different countries, among 90 different pinball players.World_map_-_low_resolution



Players are simply stunned here is a summary of the feedbacks we received:

“the board is a nice piece, state of the art”

“changing any sound from any event of a machine is amazing”

“the board is worth the price just for the on-board equalizer”

“I never thought that original speakers could sound so good”



Since the shipping, we keep improving the software and adding many features.

Just as a reminder, the very same PinSound board is compatible with 75 pinball machines, each individual machine can have up to 8 different ROMs.

Among theses improvements, the board can now install a ZIP audio package, greatly simplifying the set-up.

Have a look on the quickstart.


Audio mix

Pinball players are definitely taking the step to produce audio package: the community website: http://pinsound-community/

Hot new audio packages are available:

Last users reorchestrations








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  1. You have missed a Country, Austria! So Board has been shipped to 16 countries, not 15. Or did you shipped my package to Australia? Shipped on Nov 12 and I have not received it yet, but hopefully next week I think.

    1. My bad: just fixed the picture! (actually we shipped few boards in Austria, thanks for pointing it out)
      No way about being shipped to Australia :) (shipping label and invoice are automatic)
      About your delivery, we are evaluating many different couriers, for the best speed/price ratio by country.
      Just sent you a mail with advanced tracking of your parcel.

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