• Design by: John Trudeau
  • Art by: Jeremy Packer
  • Original Music by: Ray Parker Jr., Shawn Myers, Ian Sturgeon
  • Original Sound by: Jerry Thompson
  • Hardware: Stern SPIKE™ System
  • Date: April, 2016
  • Internet Pinball DataBase
  • Pinside Game Archive
Discover the pinball machine upgrades designed for
Stern Spike Ultimate PinSound Pack for Ghostbusters
Available immediately
Stern Spike Ultimate PinSound Pack
Get the best of PinSound for your Stern Spike pinball machine!
Speakers & subwoofer upgrade
Shaker Motor upgrade
Headphones Station
External Subwoofer Output
Speakers upgrade kit for Ghostbusters
Available immediately
Speakers upgrade kit
Crank it up with the powerful Pinsound speakers and subwoofer
An amazing sound upgrade
High quality speakers
Rediscover your pinball machine
Easy to install
Incredible subwoofer bass response
Dedicated mounting hardware provided
Shaker Kit for Stern SPIKE for Ghostbusters
Available immediately
Shaker Kit for Stern SPIKE
Will you wake the beast?
100% compliant with Stern technical specification
Stern recommended Capacitor Kit included
Easy & quick installation
Shaker kit replacement part for #502-5027-01
Multiballs for Ghostbusters
Available immediately
Super glossy chromium balls
Hardened Carbon Chromium
High Grade Manufacturing
Mirror Finish Pinballs
Scratch resistant
Premium Quality
1-1/16″ – 80g
Drawstring pouch
Rustproof Packaging