Swords of Fury

  • Concept by: Doug Watson
  • Design by: Steve Kirk
  • Art by: Doug Watson
  • Original Music by: Brian Schmidt
  • Original Sound by: Brian Schmidt
  • Hardware: Williams System 11B
  • Units: 2705
  • Date: June, 1988
  • Internet Pinball DataBase
  • Pinside Game Archive

Discover the pinball machine upgrades designed for
Swords of Fury

Multiballs for Swords of Fury
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Super glossy chromium balls

Hardened Carbon Chromium
High Grade Manufacturing
Mirror Finish Pinballs
Scratch resistant
Premium Quality
1-1/16″ – 80g
Drawstring pouch
Rustproof Packaging
Stereo 2.1 harness for Swords of Fury
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Stereo 2.1 harness

Enable the 2.1 audio channels on your PLUS & NEO sound board

High quality cables
Right, left and center channels
Molex and Trifurcon connectors
USB Flash Drive for Swords of Fury
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USB Flash Drive

Sandisk brand reliability
High speed USB 3.1
For PLUS & NEO sound boards