Hi, pinball fans!


The amazing sweet price of 299$ for per-ordering the PinSound board ends in 5 days, the 15th of December. After this date, pre-orders will still be available but at 399$. So dont miss it : pre-order here!

We also want to thanks all the followers, trusting us with our product by pre ordering one (or many) PinSound board. Feedbacks from this initiative are very, very high!


About the audio quizz, charts changed quite a lot recently: thanks again to everyone helping us to write down a title to every sounds present in a machine pinball.

There are currently only 3000 songs left to name, (of 20,000) this community work is a real success!

At the date of 9th of December 2013, here is the current ranking :

1st quizz-21-1
4th quizz-5-1

Just as a reminder, we will reward the 3 first contributors. They’ll win a PinSound board, and again, you still have your chance as an extra player will be randomly selected from any contributor with more than 50 entries.

To help us naming every sounds present on a pinball machine, simply browse a pinball, subscribe and play!

PinSound Playback

In few days, we will release a software, dedicated to replay any pinball game.

This software let you replay a recorded game, but with the possibility of changing mix or sound on the fly! Wondering how a loud guitar background music will look like? What about a OST from you favorite movie? Just drag and drop the sound file and hit play.

Very soon, a dedicated news about this software, available for Windows and Linux….



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