PinSound Studio Pro

A tool to customize your game

Important: the PinSound Studio Pro software is not mandatory to install or configure your PLUS/NEO sound board.

PinSound Studio Pro

PinSound Studio Pro is a free software, to help you customizing your pinball experience!

  • preview any existing sounds
  • play with your own new sounds
  • boost your creativity and create a whole new sound package
  • adjust the gain volume on each output channel
  • set your custom shakers triggers events
  • control your own mod or electrical device

How to customize your shaker or relay events with PinSound Studio Pro?

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Download the program, launch the setup process and go through the installation wizard.

Open a sound pack

You can open a sound pack directly from your flash drive. 

It can be convenient if you want to make some modification on a sound pack and try it directly in your pinball machine right after.

From the PinSound Studio Pro, menu File then Open sound package.


Preview a specific sound

Double click on any listed sound event and you’ll hear the sound associated.

Right click on any listed sound event to access more option: play the sound in your usual audio player, open the folder containing the sound file.

Once a sound event is selected, you can add some specific settings for this sound event in particular.


Search for a specific sound

You can use the search bar to rapidly locate a sound event. You can type the digits of the sound event, or any part of the sound event name.


Sound event settings:


You can define a different gain for a specific sound event. It can be useful if a new enhanced sound is too loud compared to the rest of the sound pack (or the contrary).

Motion Control Shaker Action

Select the desired shaker setting for this specific sound event. Keep in mind everytime this sound event will be called, the Motion Control board will star the shaker motor according to your setting.

There are 9 pre-defined settings, the first column is related to short shaker event, the second column is for longer shaker event and the third column for intense shaker action.

Tip: keep your mouse hover each shaker button setting, you’ll get more information about the shaker power and duration that will be applied.
For example: “40% 1500 85%” means the shaker will start at 40% of power, increases up to 85% during 1500ms.

You can also defined for your sound pack 3 extra customs shaker settings (Custom A / Custom B / Custom C). For each of this extra shaker setting, you can define the power at start, the duration and the power at end.
If you define “0% 2500 100%” the shaker motor will start very slow then gradually increase to the maximum power during 2500ms.

Motion Control Relay Action

On the Motion Control board, a secondary relay output is available. You can connect and control any electrical device (smog machine, topper beacon, animated toy on the playfield, …).
Select “On/Off” to enable the secondary output for this sound event. Then define the pattern to be applied.
For example, if you define “100ms / 3x / 200ms“, your connected electrical device will be turned on for 100ms, then turned off for 200ms, and this pattern will be repeated 3 times in a row.


Sound pack adjustments:

Global Levels

Each sound event is played on a specific audio channel. You can adjust the global level for each of these channel (music, sfx, voice, single, jingle).

That means that if you lower the global level of the music channel, all the music (usually background music) will be played at at lower volume.

Extra Settings

Auto Mute: number of seconds without any sound event received before the sound board will pause any playing sound. Use case: someone start a game, then don’t play at all. Instead of undefinitely playing the music, the sound board will pause after a certain amount of time. Once paused, the next sound event will resume the previously paused sounds.

Shaker Disabled: by selecting this option, you’ll disable the Motion Control Shaker for this sound pack


Save a sound pack

After any modification (sound pack and / or sound event), make sure to save your settings.

Menu File / Save.


PinSound Studio Pro licence registration

Requirements: the PinSound Studio Pro licence is linked to a PinSound hardware. At this time, the following hardware allows you to activate your PinSound Studio Pro licence:

    • sound board PLUS
    • sound board NEO

Note: if you don’t own a compatible PinSound hardware, you can still install and use the PinSound Studio Pro (but without the extra features).

Note: the older PinSound sound board v1 are not eligible for this licence.


How to register

In order to complete the registration process, the following information are required:

    • hardware serial number (can be found in the file “pinsound-self-diagnosis“, at the root of the PinSound hardware USB flash drive)
    • email address

Open the registration window, menu “Help / Register“.

Type your serial number and email address, then click the “Register”button.

Your registration will be validated within 48 hours. Once validated, when you restart your PinSound Studio Pro software, you’ll have access to the features limited to registered users.

Note: your computer must be connected to internet in order to perform this registration.



Sound pack adjustments (registered licence):


When a sound effect (SFX), a callout (VOICE) or a fanfare (JINGLE) is playing, the background music volume will be lowered in order to make room for this sound. You can define the level of “ducking” for each channels.

Default ducking values are:

    • SFX: 90% (music is lowered to 90% of its initial volume, while the sound effect is played)
    • VOICE: 85%
    • JINGLE: 5%

Max sounds

On the SFX and VOICE channels, the PinSound sound engine is able to play more than 1 sound at the same time. That means if 3 different sound effects are rapidly played, these 3 sounds will be played simultaneously. If a fourth sound effect is triggered, the older sound effect will be stopped and this new one will be played.

You can change the number of allowed simultaneous sound for these channels.

For example, if set max sounds for channel VOICE is set to 1, you won’t hear 2 callouts at the same time.


Record / Replay (registered licence)

The PinSound Studio Pro allows you to record and replay a pinball game. This feature is useful for audio editor, sound pack creators and advanced users who want to make sure their sound pack “sounds” great in a game.

Enable the “Record enabled” option to record a pinball game on your machine.

Once enabled, turn on your pinball machine with the new sound pack setting saved. Play a game (as complete as possible or with the sequence you’d like to work on) and turn off the machine.

Then go to the menu “File / Import record file“. This record file will be located on your PinSound flash drive, for example: “sound-pack.psrecord”

Once imported, you can load this record in the PinSound Studio Pro. Instead of having all the sound events listed in sequence, you’ll have your complete recorded game.

Game volume override

You can use this override level widget while replaying a pinball game. It can be useful if your original recording was made with a low pinball machine volume (as the PinSound audio engine keeps track of this pinball machine volume).