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Frequently asked questions

You can replace any existing WAV files by your own.

Make sure to use 16 bits audio WAV file.

Before replacing the USB flash drive, make sure to delete the file “.cache” at the root of the flash drive. During the next startup, the sound board will rebuild the new files index.

After modifying WAV files, make sure to delete the file “.cache” at the root of the flash drive. During the next startup, the sound board will rebuild the new files index.

Copy the downloaded zip file (do not unzip it) at the root of the flash drive.

At the next boot, the sound board will install everything automatically (you’ll hear some notification about the running process).

The following information are only useful if you want to create your own sound package.

Files on Flash drive

Files on the flash drive have to respect a specific structure and format.

‘audio’ folder

Any PinSound mix must be organized with the following folder structure:

Screenshot from 2014-10-13 09:23:07

  • Mix must be in the “audio” folder at the root of the USB Flash Drive
  • Multiple mix can be present on the same USB Flash Drive
  • First folder’s name is not important, only sub folders are
  • Every mix must have the following directory: jingle, sfx, single, voice (case and typo are important)

Mix structure

Screenshot from 2014-06-24 22:51:19

  • Each sound’s sub-folder must be prefixed by the instruction number
    • from 000000 to 900000, in decimal, followed by a dash “
  • Each instruction number must be unique (even between folders)
  • The name after this prefix is not important and is only relevant for identification and later modification (so, for example, you could use “000012-engine_starting_loud” or “000012-whatever
  • Any compatible sound file placed in the instruction sub-folder will be played

Screenshot from 2014-06-24 22:56:56

  • If there is more than one file in a sub-folder, one of them will be selected at random and played
  • File type must be WAV, mono or stereo, 8bits or 16bits

Sub-folders sound type

“voice” folder

In this folder, voices or callout are stored.

Multiple voices can be played simultaneously (depending of the machine)

Voices are played over music and sfx

  • Hey, it’s only pinball
  • You unlock this door with the key of imagination
  • Welcome race friends to Banzai Run

“sfx” folder

This folder for SFX is where are stored are very short sounds.

Multiple SFX can be played simultaneously, over music and voices.

  • Door closing
  • Explosion 1
  • Million target

“music” folder

Music files are looped and played continuously until stopped by the CPU or by a single.

  • Mission slot machine
  • Main theme lock lit
  • Multiball 2 balls

“jingle” folder

Jingles are short music clips which are played once while the music that was previously playing is paused. This music is resumed once the jingle has been played.

  • Mansion start mission
  • Piano start mission
  • Extra ball theme

“single” folder

Same as jingle, but the music is stopped and don’t resume as the jingle does.

  • Bonus count
  • Extra bonus checkout