We just delivered about 100 boards around the world and we are getting A LOT of very good feedback. Players are simply marvelled by this new sound board.

We are very please to hear this after thousands of work hours spent on this project, any comment is warmly is welcomed. Thanks you, pinheads around the world.

This product is beyond fantastic. User friendly, well built and designed, software is solid and brings pinball into a new era. Thank you for all your hard work.

The sound is FANTASTIC!! I am VERY pleased with this sound board and it was definitely worth the wait!

Je tiens donc à vous féliciter une nouvelle fois de votre initiative !!!! D’avoir fait un beau projet utile et ambitieux !!!! Et pour l’énorme travail qu’il a fallut pour en arriver là !
(I want to congratulate you for your project!!! To make this ambitious and usefull project!!! And for the sum or work needed to get there!)

Thanks to our friend Romain from Heighway Pinball, who made this complete unboxing and installation video of the PinSound board :

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