We are very glad to announce a new product compatible with your PinSound board: the Headphones Station!

An accessory that will allow you to control the volume of your pinball machine at your fingertip, connect your headphones and change your sound package on-the-fly!

Discover all the features and pictures.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Nicolas, I generally like headphone connectivity, but it’s also a trivial and obvious option. No thrills, really. If you modularize the headphone, at least provide a bluetooth option – this is a much better match for your product. If not, you are much in line with what a major pinball manufactirer is doing these days. Taking out something that was there before, then introduce it back without any value add at a premium. Do be those guys.

    1. Hi Julian, thanks for your feedback.
      We’ve spent 18 months working on this accessory, so I’m sorry but I completely disagree, it’s absolutely not trivial :)
      The PinSound+ board is compatible with any bluetooth transmitter, thanks to the line-out connectivity.

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