Audio Quizz

Audio Quizz

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Hi there!

After spending months of hard work, we would like to play with you ^__^

On every pinball page you can play simple quizz to test your knowledges about music, voice or SFX of your beloved pinball machine.

Sort sounds in categories and give them a name. After this phase of naming, it will be much easier for you to listen, play and remix pinball sounds.

What do I win?
For best contributors, we will offer a PinSound board and PinSound t-shirt !
And to give a chance to everyone, we will pick at random a player (from players with at least 50 submissions) and give a PinSound board away !

Read more about gifts and rules for this quizz.

Have fun & good luck !

PinSound Quizz

Here is the quizz interface, once an free account is created.

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