Second production batch

Second production batch

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Previously on PinSound…

The pre-order of the 100 early adopter boards are now delivered.

In this episode:

We spent the whole November shipping the first 100 boards, and solving all the issues we didn’t think about (again, 75 machines…).

Days were long, and night way too short…

We are currently managing the next industrial manufacturing batch. After a meeting this morning with the French industrial company in charge, we got the following information:

  • 6 to 8 week to manufacture the board, tested and shipped to us
  • all the component required are in stock, so no surprise

Delivery of the next manufacturing batch will be in Februrary 2015.

Like the first batch, we will ship starting with the first placed orders. Thanks to the very first trusting us.

We hope to still have stock on this next batch, in order to finally have a product in stock.

As we all love surprises, on the first one version, a keyring was offered. Now, in addition, we have something for you on this hardware version.

Stay tuned, updates to come soon!

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