The perfect DMD controller board

For your Bally Williams WPC pinball machine

Setup in less than 30 seconds

No soldering

No technical skill

3 levels adjustable brightness

Compatible with every Bally Williams WPC Pinball machines

DMDLux works on all Bally Williams WPC models (89/DCS/95) and with every DMD displays

Bally Williams WPC pinballs: The Getaway: High Speed II | Black Rose | Creature From The Black Lagoon | Doctor Who | Dracula | Fish Tales | Gilligan’s Island | Hurricane | Terminator 2 | The Addams Family | The Party Zone | Twilight Zone | White Water

Bally Williams WPC DCS pinballs: Corvette | Demolition Man | Dirty Harry | Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure | Indianapolis 500 | Jack-Bot | Johnny Mnemonic | Judge Dredd | No Fear: Dangerous Sports | Popeye Saves the Earth | Red & Ted’s Road Show | Star Trek: The Next Generation | The Flinstones | The Shadow | Theatre Of Magic | WHO Dunnit | World Cup Soccer

Bally Williams WPC 95 pinballs (“No Audio Video setup“, a PinSound PLUS or NEO sound board will be required): Attack From Mars | Cactus Canyon | Cirqus Voltaire | Congo | Junk Yard | Medieval Madness | Monster Bash | NBA Fastbreak | No Good Gofers | Safe Cracker | Scared Stiff | Tales Of The Arabian Nights | The Champion Pub

DMDLux is a replacement part for:  Bally / Williams A-14039 and 5760-12710-12   |   Rottendog DMD089   |   XPin XP-WPCDMD-CTRL   |   Bally / Williams WPC95 audio/video A-20516-50041 (PinSound PLUS or NEO sound board required)

The most reliable DMD controller board

DMDLux is a replacement DMD controller board for any Bally Williams WPC pinball machines. It has been carefully designed to be the most reliable and coldest DMD controller board ever created.

2 years warranty

Every PinSound product is designed to offer a high and long-lasting quality. DMDLux has been designed and manufactured to guarantee a long lasting product. DMDLux is covered by a 2-years warranty and will be replaced if anything happens due to materials or manufacturing defects.

In stock

Adjustable brightness

Ridiculously easy to switch

3 levels adjustable brightness

DMDLux controller board allows you to switch the brightness of your DMD display on the fly.

No need to swap or solder a resistance, the brightness control button can be set at any time:

  • BOOST → 120 % brightness – for a brighter (or worn-out) DMD display
  • NORMAL → 100 % brightness – normal DMD brightness
  • SAVING → 80 % brightness – for lower energy consumption and longer DMD life

High Efficiency Design

A refreshing new power supply design

The high voltage power supply section usually generates a lot of heat and stress on DMD controller boards. After a while, it can result in early failures or burnt components. DMDLux has been designed with a very high efficiency power supply to offer a longer life expectancy.

It has been a technical challenge to develop a super efficient power supply design for the DMDLux, thus a very low thermal dissipation. Electronic components reliability and temperature are greatly related: keeping components cool (less than 100°C / 212°F), extends the life expectancy of the whole product.

PinSound LAB: we ran a comparative tests on the different existing DMD controller boards, following a strict protocol.

Test conditions:

Test steps:

Test display content (full screen)

Technical specification

Modern technology for your collectible machine


Universal WPC DMD Controller board


A few years back, Timothée and Nicolas aka « The PinSound Brothers » embarked on the challenge of designing a new sound board that could bring high quality sound to yesterday’s pinball machines. The PinSound project was born and after a full round of designing, engineering and problems solving, they were able to organize the manufacturing process of the PinSound boards.

To beat an ambitious challenge, you always have to train and develop high skills. After 6 years, the two brothers have reached the point where all these skills are merging to become a unique savoir-faire !