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Motion Control Shaker Kit Standalone Edition for SlugFest
Available immediately

Motion Control Shaker Kit Standalone Edition

Make your game shake!

No PLUS/NEO sound board required
Gameplay synchronized
Hundreds of trigger possibilities
Easy to install
No technical skills needed
12+ vibration patterns
Shaker intensity knob
Relay output to control extra devices
RocketCPU WPC-89 & WPC-S for SlugFest
Available immediately

RocketCPU WPC-89 & WPC-S

Drop in replacement WPC CPU board

Automatic WPC-89 ↔ WPC-S detection
Multipass Universal Security (89
Integrated No More Reset
Smart Status self-diagnosis
100% compliant with original CPU board
Lithium coin cell battery CR2032
Ultra precise clock and RTC oscillators
Included tools to move your ASIC & chips
Ready To Play service available
DMD LED Display for SlugFest
Available in a few weeks

DMD LED Display

Replacement DMD LED display for any Bally / Williams pinball machine

Direct LED display replacement
Regular DMD size 128x32
Power supply wiring for WPC provided
Easy installation
Bally Williams Official Game Code for SlugFest
Available immediately

Bally Williams Official Game Code

EPROM Game Code for your pinball machine

Latest game code available
Licensed by Bally Williams
Easy installation
DMDLux for SlugFest
Available immediately


The perfect replacement DMD controller board

Setup in less than 30 seconds
No soldering
No technical skill
3 levels adjustable brightness
High efficiency design
No More Reset for SlugFest
Available immediately

No More Reset

Tired of untimely resets?

Regenerate steady 5V for CPU
Setup in less than 30 seconds
No soldering
No technical skills
Original power supply integrity
NoVaRAM NVRam for RocketCPU for SlugFest
Available immediately

NoVaRAM NVRam for RocketCPU

Upgrade your RocketCPU with a NVRAM

Keep your settings and high-score forever!
Perfect addon for your RocketCPU
Installation in 10 seconds on the RocketCPU