Headphones Station MASTER

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Hardware Installation

  • install the Headphones Station on the left or right front leg of the pinball machine
  • attach the wiring under the cabinet
  • run it behind then inside the backbox (you can use the topper hole on top of the backbox)
  • plug the wiring to the SPIKE2 cpu board (CN3 connector)

Headphones Station MASTER installation

Once installed, to enable advanced settings, go to:

  • settings menu / Standard Adjustements (S.P.I.).

On the Headphones Station MASTER, due to a Spike technical limitation, there is no red LED.

When your Headphones Station MASTER is installed, when you connect your headphones, the pinball machine will automatically mute the main speakers.

The Headphones Station MASTER is compatible with any standard pinball leg bolts spacing.

Installing the Headphones Station adds about 6mm (less that 1/4″) thickness.

Headphones Station MASTER

The volume of your machine, always at your fingertip. With your headphones, now you are playing.
Best home accessory for Spike2 machine owner!