Line-out & Subwoofer for Stern SPIKE

What help do you need?

Hardware Installation

  • Turn off your machine
  • Open your backbox
  • Connect your Line-out & Subwoofer connector to CN5 on the CPU


The following machines equipped with a SPIKE2 system have only 6 pins on their CN5 connector:

  • Batman 66
  • Aerosmith
  • Star Wars
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Iron Maiden Legacy Of The Beast


On these machines, there was no dedicated subwoofer output.

Please connect your connector like on the following picture.

Important note: only the “Stereo Line-out” connector can be used (even for connecting an external subwoofer).


Both Line-out & Subwoofer connectors need a STEREO cable.

Make sure your cable is a stereo one, as it won’t work with a MONO cable.

This connector is not compatible with Stern SPIKE 1 machines.

Line-out & Subwoofer for STERN machines

Connect an external subwoofer to your Stern Spike2 pinball machine.