PinSound's Halloween Treats!

October has been a month of enchantment at PinSound, where we’ve conjured up some incredible products to enhance your pinball experience. Here’s a quick recap of the treats we’ve been brewing:

Sound Packs for Pinball Machines

These fan-made sound packs are the perfect background music for a horror night.

They offer a hauntingly good audio experience, with themes ranging from classic horror to thrilling adventures.

Elevate your gameplay with spine-tingling tunes that perfectly match the spooky season.

Shaker Kits

What’s a haunted house without a few good scares? Our shaker kits add a new dimension to your pinball experience.

With perfectly timed shakes and rattles, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.

Get ready to jump out of your seat as your machine responds to every bump, flip, and flipper.

Speakers Kits

No Halloween party is complete without a killer sound system, and the same goes for your pinball machine.

Our speakers kits are designed to deliver crystal-clear audio that will immerse you in the eerie atmosphere of your favorite pinball games.

Feel the intensity of the game like never before.

Super Skill Shot Shooters

Our Super Skill Shot Shooters are the secret weapon to help you master your favorite pinball games.

These custom shooter rods are designed for precision and style, adding an extra layer of control to your gameplay.

Unleash your inner pinball wizard and take your shots to the next level with these game-changing accessories.

Stay tuned for more surprises, and have a chillingly good Halloween with PinSound!