Standalone Edition
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Get the PinSound Shaker experience, no requirements.

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The best addon for your PLUS/NEO sound board.

Standalone Edition
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Get ready to shake!

PinSound’s amazing shaker and relay controller for pinball machines

Gameplay synchronized

200+ total trigger inputs

Plug n' play installation

No technical skills needed

12+ vibration patterns

“Impact”, “Rumble”, “Explosion” etc… + unlimited customization

Relay output to control extra devices

Topper, beacon, fog machines, light-saber…

No shaker event in attract mode

Shaker activated at the right moment while playing

Standalone Edition

Master Effect: the new controller board included in the Standalone Edition

The Master Effect board works the same way as the PLUS/NEO board, without the sound part!

It’s connected to the CPU game and applies the shaker effects at the exact right moment.

Thanks to it, you can now add a shaker motor to any Bally / Williams / Data-East / SEGA / STERN pinball machines.

If you want only the shaker enhancement on your machine, without the sound experience upgrade, now you can have it!

For PLUS/NEO Edition

With a PLUS or NEO sound board: everything is ready to install your shaker kit

On the Motion Control Shaker Kit for PLUS/NEO Edition, the PLUS/NEO sound board acts as the controller.

It’ll control the Motion Control board when to trigger a shaker event.

With a PLUS or NEO soundboard, you don’t need the Master Effect board, the work is done by the sound board itself!

So, if you already have a PLUS or NEO sound board, you can choose the Motion Control Shaker Kit and be ready to shake!

The Motion Control is a complete shaker kit designed to be easy to install. The Motion Control will drive the shaker motor with its dedicated chipset controller.

Upgrade your favorite pinball game (Bally Williams WPC, DataEast, Sega/Stern Whitestar) with a real shaker and enter another dimension while playing!

With the Motion Control Shaker kit, you’ll enjoy an immersive shaker experience thanks to the synchronized gameplay technology. It will shake exactly when needed and with the adequate vibration pattern. And you can even go further and easily define your own shaker settings in a few minutes!

Don’t forget to take advantage of the secondary “relay output” available on the Motion Control board, and control any extra electrical mod or device (beacon, fog machine, light-saber, etc…)

Motion Control main features

Worldwide shipping

Compatible with 100+ pinball machines!

List of supported machines

All pinball machines listed below are compatible with the Motion Control Shaker Kit: for PLUS/NEO and Standalone Edition.

Every compatible pinball machine has its own dedicated shaker settings ready to play.

You can define your own shaker events and tune the shaker behavior with the free software PinSound Studio Pro.

It’s easy to create a shakerization, it takes about 15 minutes and fine-tuning possibilities are unlimited!

A very reliable control board and a high quality shaker motor

Technical specifications

Motion Control Board

Shaker Motor

Unlock your creativity, connect more than a shaker motor

Connect, control, synchronize your own external devices and mods

Motion Control board has a secondary “Relay Output” feature so you can control an extra mod or any electrical devices.

Wide power range

Control any device using from 5VDC to 110/230VAC volts

Event triggered

Activate your device on special game events

Customizable behaviour

Choose your own triggers and customize running time with PinSound Studio Pro

Motion Control relay output works as a triggered “switch” controlling the power supply of a device so you can plug in a wide range of electrical device. Bellow are some examples of common but cool devices you could easily connect and control with Motion Control relay output feature.

Superior in quality and performance

Can I define my own shaker settings?

Yes, it’s as simple as launching the program “PinSound Studio Pro” (free) and click on the events you want to modify. Save and play!

What's the warranty?

Like every PinSound product, the Motion Control Shaker kit is designed to offer a high and long-lasting quality.

It has been designed and manufactured to be the more resistant and reliable possible, it’s covered by a 2-years warranty and will be replaced if anything happens due to materials or manufacturing defects.

Is it plug'n play?

The installation takes only a few minutes, thanks to the colored easy-to-follow manual, provided with your Motion Control Shaker kit. You can also watch the installation videos we made to help you.

Do I need to program anything?

If you select a ready-to-play Shaker (check the list of “Supported pinball machine”, everything will work instantly. Else, within a few minutes you will be able to define your own shaker settings in the PinSound Studio Pro software.

Does it draw power from the machine?

You’ll get all the required wiring inside your Motion Control Shaker kit. The motor itself will be powered by the same power as if it was factory installed, thus, you don’t have to have a service outlet or install an external power supply.

What if I need some help?

We reply to every single questions, and we’re usually able to help PinSound users within 24h. We won’t let you down, whatever your question!

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