PinSound Studio

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The PinSound Studio software is a complete tool:

  • pre-load your USB flash drive with your favorite sound package
  • enjoy the PinSound audio engine with Visual Pinball
  • boost your creativity and help you design your new sound package

The PinSound Studio software is not mandatory to install or configure your PinSound board.

Have a look of a quick overview of the complete framework here.


  • Sound package manager: easily pre-load a sound package on your USB flash drive
  • Visual Pinball sound engine: play your favorites virtual tables with the PinSound audio quality
  • Replay recorded games in .psrec files, how to record a game
  • Preview your own sound package
  • Adjust individual volume of individual sound or sound type
  • Sound ROM emulation (not yet supported)
  • Compatible for Windows


  • Download and uncompress the software
  • Optional: download and install the vpinmame DLL (Visual Pinball compatibility)

Video demo



Warning, Windows doesn’t handle path longer than 260 char (sub-folder and filename included). Placing the PinSound Studio folder at the root of a drive is recommended (eg “C:\”)