The perfect DMD controller board

For your Bally Williams WPC pinball machine

Setup in less than 30 seconds

No soldering

No technical skill

3 levels adjustable brightness

Compatible with every Bally Williams WPC Pinball machines

DMDLux works on all Bally Williams WPC models (89/DCS/95) and with every DMD displays

DMDLux is a replacement part for:  Bally / Williams A-14039 and 5760-12710-12   |   Rottendog DMD089   |   XPin XP-WPCDMD-CTRL   |   Bally / Williams WPC95 audio/video A-20516-50041 (PinSound PLUS or NEO sound board required)

The most reliable DMD controller board

DMDLux is a replacement DMD controller board for any Bally Williams WPC pinball machines. It has been carefully designed to be the most reliable and coldest DMD controller board ever created.

2 years warranty

Every PinSound product is designed to offer a high and long-lasting quality. DMDLux has been designed and manufactured to guarantee a long lasting product. DMDLux is covered by a 2-years warranty and will be replaced if anything happens due to materials or manufacturing defects.

In stock

Adjustable brightness

Ridiculously easy to switch

3 levels adjustable brightness

DMDLux controller board allows you to switch the brightness of your DMD display on the fly.

No need to swap or solder a resistance, the brightness control button can be set at any time:

  • BOOST → 120 % brightness – for a brighter (or worn-out) DMD display
  • NORMAL → 100 % brightness – normal DMD brightness
  • SAVING → 80 % brightness – for lower energy consumption and longer DMD life

High Efficiency Design

A refreshing new power supply design

The high voltage power supply section usually generates a lot of heat and stress on DMD controller boards. After a while, it can result in early failures or burnt components. DMDLux has been designed with a very high efficiency power supply to offer a longer life expectancy.

It has been a technical challenge to develop a super efficient power supply design for the DMDLux, thus a very low thermal dissipation. Electronic components reliability and temperature are greatly related: keeping components cool (less than 100°C / 212°F), extends the life expectancy of the whole product.

PinSound LAB: we ran a comparative tests on the different existing DMD controller boards, following a strict protocol.

Test conditions:

Test steps:

Test display content (full screen)

Technical specification

Modern technology for your collectible machine


Universal WPC DMD Controller board

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