Stern SPIKE 2
Integrated Acoustic Amplifier

PinSound Engineering

Designed by the PinSound team of engineers, PINBLASTER is a superior audio amplifier capable of driving 200 Watts of power, for dynamic sound performance.

Finally fully capturing the energy of your pinball machine’s music with a finely tuned stack power supply to achieve high signal-to-noise separation.

Designed to extend and oversee the original sound amplifier section, PINBLASTER delivers a whole new audio stack in a single and ultra-integrated form factor masterpiece.

Rediscover your machine

PINBLASTER embeds an entirely new hardware audio platform, directly connected to the Spike2 CPU, running with a high-grade I/O circuit for outstanding sound quality from the original audio source.

The integrated equalizer for custom audio shaping will get you the best of your pinball audio system, with original stock speakers or upgraded ones.

The overall listening experience is both more muscular and more transparent, and allows you to enjoy your game music, fully and simply.

For an epic pinball experience

Compatible with every SPIKE 2

Join the sound revolution

Exclusively developed by PinSound engineers

Leading Pinball Acoustics Since 2012

A whole new world of features

Up to 6 boards connected to 1 subwoofer

Daisy chain functionality for linking multiple PINBLASTER boards

Universal speakers compatibility

Plug & play universal compatibility for all pinball speakers

Frequently Asked Questions

The PINBLASTER amplifier has a 200W rating and audio primarily concerns loudness and dynamics, with average power consumption at sustained volumes often being just a fraction of a watt. For context, the SPIKE 2 power supply is 500W, and activating every coil in the game consumes approximately 1000W.

PINBLASTER only takes a small portion of the power available thanks to its high efficiency power conversion and class-D amplifiers.

The knob’s backlighting facilitates visibility in dimly lit game rooms without the overwhelming glare of translit backlighting.

Rest assured, it does not affect the translite visibility in any way since we only use low-power LEDs.

PINBLASTER is compatible with both original and aftermarket speakers, including PinSound, ranging from 2 to 8 ohms, and supports both full-range and coaxial speakers.

The “Power-On/Off Pop Prevention” feature, thanks to our specialized circuit design, eliminates the loud popping noise typically heard when turning the machine on or off, ensuring seamless operation of the speakers and external subwoofer.

PINBLASTER is compatible with any game mentioned on the product page, including PRO, PREMIUM, and LE models.

PINBLASTER is 100% compatible with original Stern volume controls, aftermarket options, and the PinSound Headphone Station MASTER‘s volume control.

A maximum of six machines is recommended for optimal performance, but the system is fully compatible with fewer machines as well.


  • Starting the Connection: Use the RCA line-out available on your PLUS sound board as the initial point of the external subwoofer daisy-chain.
  • Connect a Ground Loop Isolator: Place a ground loop isolator between the PLUS sound board and the first PINBLASTER in the chain. This is mandatory to protect the integrity of the daisy-chain signal and the connected boards.
  • Extending the Chain: To add more PINBLASTER boards to the daisy-chain, simply use a standard stereo RCA-to-jack 3.5 cable for each subsequent connection (no ground loop isolator needed)