Pinball machine industrial core platform

PinSound XL audio/video board is an all-in one, standalone, core platform for delivering audio and video content on pinball machine

Two UHD display outputs

2 HDMI outputs to drive up to 2 displays in 4k / 60Hz and delivers high resolution gameplay animation content.

Standalone CPU game engine

Embedded quad-core ARM Cortex-A72 64Bit 1.5GHz compute module with 4GB RAM and up to 64GB memory.

2.1 audio EQ and amplifier

Crystal clear audio with 24bit DAC audio and 2.1 channel amplifiers, 4 bands equalizer + sub-booster.

Audio and video Excellence

 Electronic pinball manufacturer with 10 years of expertise

Wide range power supply

Universal platform compatible with any pinball brand/architectures

PinSound Audio Engine

Legacy 1.0 and remake 2.0 sound engine ready.

Audio/Video/Game assets

High quality assets, stored onboard, with update capabilities.


Fully extensible with USB devices thanks to four USB sockets (USB-C and USB-A):
Camera, NFC reader, ...


Technical specification

Modern technology for your collectible machine

  • Product in stock, MOQ 100
  • Linux Operating System
  • 2.0 game code engine
  • PinSound audio: 1.0 & 2.0 sound engine
  • Hardware knobs for digital audio equalizer
  • RCA line out for external subwoofer
  • 2 HDMI video outputs
  • Dedicated LCD onboard power supply
  • 4 USB ports (host)
  • USB for media, update, extensions
  • Wide voltage input power supply
  • Play with original or custom sounds
  • Up to 7 simultaneous audio tracks
  • Up to 6 video overlays
  • 48kHz lossless audio codec
  • Smart self-diagnosis status LED
  • User friendly connectors identification
  • Mis-insertion preventing mechanism
  • Hardware protection
  • Overload / overcurrent / overvoltage resettable protection
  • Weak power supply detection
  • Premium noise isolation
  • High efficiency 2.1 stereo class-D amplifiers
  • Digital gain controlled pre-amplifiers
  • Audio digital-to-analog (DAC) channels 92dB SNR

Compatible with a wide range of PinSound devices

Headphones Station

PinSound speakers

Shaker kit

PinSound Studio Pro

You are a manufacturer, maker or artist?

You have a re-theme or remake project?

We can help you, the hardware is ready.

(100 units minimum quantity)


A few years back, Timothée and Nicolas aka « The PinSound Brothers » embarked on the challenge of designing a new sound board that could bring high quality sound to yesterday’s pinball machines. The PinSound project was born and after a full round of designing, engineering and problems solving, they were able to organize the manufacturing process of the PinSound boards.

To beat an ambitious challenge, you always have to train and develop high skills. After 6 years, the two brothers have reached the point where all these skills are merging to become a unique savoir-faire !