for Bally Williams WPC pinball machines​

Designed for a long journey

For your Bally Williams WPC pinball machine

The RocketCPU is a drop in replacement board for your original WPC CPU. Fully compatible with your Bally / Williams pinball machine.
Exact same schematics as original, with some extra features: integrated No More Reset, CR2032 battery, remote battery holder, shrouded ribbon connectors, high accuracy clock and more.

Easy configuration and installation

No More Reset

Smart self-diagnosis
status LED

100% compliant with
original CPU board

Integrated No More Reset

Tired of untimely resets? No More Reset prevents any +5V issue that can affect your WPC pinball machine.

No need to buy the addon: it’s already integrated onto the RocketCPU!

Find which CPU is compatible with your Bally Williams WPC Pinball machine

You can get more than a CPU

With the “Ready To Play” service, your RocketCPU will be fully equiped with all the required components. Installation steps: remove the original CPU, install the RocketCPU, turn on your machine!


Your ASIC is missing or damaged on your original CPU?
You don’t feel confident on how to extract it with the free provided extractor?
Select the “Ready To Play” option and your RocketCPU will be populated with a brand new WPC ASIC.


The micro-processor can be provided if you select the “Ready To Play” option. Else, you’ll have to transfer it over to the RocketCPU during installation with the free provided tool.


With the “Ready To Play” option, the PinSound NoVaRAM is added. High Score saved forever!


Official & Enhanced Bally Williams EPROM

If your game code is not up-to-date, you might be missing game code improvements when you play.
You can get the programmed EPROM for your pinball machine, the game code will be the latest official one provided under agreement with Planetary Pinball Supply.
Some game codes have been recently improved: Creature From The Black Lagoon (5.0)Demolition Man (7.0) / Junk Yard (2.0) / Mousin’Around (5.0) / Radical (3.0) / Road Show (7.0) / Theatre of Magic (2.0). Update your pinball machine with the latest game code and improve your overall game play.
If you select the “Ready To Play” option, the EPROM (latest version available) will be installed on your RocketCPU.
If you only need the EPROM game code alone (without the RocketCPU), you can buy it directly from the pinball machine page.

2 years warranty

Every PinSound product is designed to offer a high and long-lasting quality. Rocket CPU has been designed and manufactured to guarantee a long lasting product. Once manufactured, each RocketCPU is checked in a fully automated electronical & functionnal test bench. Before dispatch, each RocketCPU is checked by a PinSound team member. RocketCPU is covered by a 2-years warranty and will be replaced if anything happens due to materials or manufacturing defects.

Technical specification

Modern technology for your collectible machine

RocketCPU WPC89 is a replacement part for WPC-89 CPU A-12742, MPU089.

New RocketCPU coming soon

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Compatible with every
Bally Williams WPC89 Pinball machines

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