PinSound is excited to announce 2 new sound packages for Funhouse owners!

Funhouse Original Remastered

All the call-outs have been re-recorded by a professional impersonator, and every musics has been remastered to get the best of the original sound tracks!

This sound package will available for free on our website!

Funhouse PinSound Remastered

An entirely new sound package where you’ll get immersed in a different music and atmosphere during each game mode. You’ll also meet a new mechanical Rudy with full high quality robotics callouts! These new music tracks are in stereo and high quality, you’ll play a whole new game!

This sound package will be shortly available on our shop for a very small fee. With all of the help from PinSound supporters like you, we’ll be able to reach the break-even point and fund musicians and impersonators to create new sound packages for others titles!

A gameplay video will be released in the following days, stay tuned!


Compatible with any PinSound board on Funhouse pinball machine, subscribe to our newsletter (spam free) to be notified when these sound packages are ready for download!

Thanks for your continued support!

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