Rediscover your pinball machine Funhouse with a full complete remastered, reorchestrated or your own sound mix ! You can customize each musics, voices, quotes and sound effects.
  • Original Music by: Chris Granner
  • Original Sound by: Jon Hey
  • Hardware: Williams WPC (Alpha Numeric)
  • Units: 10750
  • Internet Pinball DataBase
Available sound packages

Wholly new sounds!
Funhouse PinSound Ultimate Remix
Premium sound package!

New sound package for your FunHouse pinball machine!

Play with a whole new sound track, you will discover a new game!

You'll also meet a new mechanical Rudy with full high quality robotics callouts!

Enhanced voice
Funhouse PinSound Original Remastered
Direct download 285.01 MB  

Enhanced sound package for your beloved Funhouse pinball machine!

  • remastered original music tracks
  • callouts professionaly re-recorded in high quality

Original sounds
Funhouse Original
Direct download 269.44 MB  

Original sounds for Funhouse pinball machine

Enhanced music
Funhouse IT song Stephen King
download from PinSound Community

A Funhouse pack with a little sound reminder of IT, Stephen King's movie from 1990.

(by Nicolas)

Enhanced music
Funhouse Christmas
download from PinSound Community

Funhouse remix on the theme of Christmas

(by Nicolas)

Enhanced music
Funhouse by KJS
download from PinSound Community

Funhouse mix by KJS