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PinSound Plus
the ultimate sound board
Advanced sound technology
for your beloved pinball machine.
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Sounds like magic in your pinball machine.

What are the PinSound Plus main features?

Discover how PinSound Plus will enhance your pinball machine.

Extended compatibility

The very same PinSound+ board can be installed in more than 100 different pinball machines.

High quality and high definition

Total freedom in music creation without any limit on sound quality.

Rediscover your pinball machine

A new sound package means a complete new game! You’ll start a fresh new journey on your pinball machine.

Loud and clear

Thanks to the double high efficiency class-D amplifiers and to the advanced PinSound technology, your pinball machine will sound loud and clear.


Speaker outputs
Custom high quality sounds
Headphones output
Lineout output
Shaker extension port *
LED strip extension port *
Digital tone control equalizer
Sub Booster

Original sound board

Speaker outputs : Mono or Stereo
Custom high quality sounds
Headphones output
Lineout output
Shaker extension port *
LED strip extension port *
Digital tone control equalizer
Sub Booster

PinSound Plus board

Speaker outputs : Stereo 2.1
Custom high quality sounds
Headphones output
Lineout output
Shaker extension port *
LED strip extension port *
Digital tone control equalizer
Sub Booster
* separate accessory, available soon

Lifetime warranty

Every PinSound product is designed to offer a high and long-lasting quality. Our PinSound Plus soundboard has been designed and manufactured with the best care to be incredibly resistant and reliable.

PinSound Plus is covered by a product lifetime warranty! As long as this product is manufactured, it will be replaced if anything happens due to materials or manufacturing defects. This warranty doesn’t cover misuse or neglect of the product.

Is your pinball machine supported? Check it out!


  • plug and play pinball machine sound board
  • system audo-detection & auto-configuration
  • play with original or custom sounds
  • up to 7 simultaneous tracks
  • multiple different sound packages on the same flash drive
  • switch sound package on-the-fly
  • up to 48000Hz sound CD quality
  • 3.5 mm jack output
  • 4 extension ports

  • smart self-diagnosis status LED
  • speaker pop free (at startup and shutdown)
  • digital dust-resistant RGB backlit potentiometers
  • hardware protection
  • user friendly connectors identification
  • mis-insertion preventing mechanism
  • overload / overcurrent / overvoltage resettable protection
  • weak power supply detection
  • designed with love and passion in France

  • premium noise isolation
  • high efficiency 2.1 stereo class-D amplifiers
  • digital gain controlled pre-amplifiers
  • audio digital-to-analog (DAC) channels 92dB SNR
  • 4 bands digital tone control equalizer
  • sub booster control
  • digitalized analog door volume potentiometer inputs
  • dedicated PinSound Headphone Station connector
  • dedicated line-out RCA gold-plated connectors

Output specification

Compatibility list

  • Data East Rev3 : 520-5050-0X / 520-5077-00 / 520-5126-02)
  • System 11-C Sound Board : D-11581
  • WPC pre-DCS Sound Board : A-12738
  • WPC DCS Sound Board : A-16917
  • WPC-95 AV Board (with or without original AV Board) : A-20516-50041
  • SEGA / STERN Whitestar (CPU section must be working): 520-5136-00 / 520-5137-01
  • STERN Whitestar (CPU section must be working): 520-5300-00

Discover the complete list of compatible PinSound pinball machines

High quality electronic components

Great care was taken while designing the PinSound+. To guarantee high quality audio performance in a single universal integrated board, each electronic components has been selected and qualified.

  • Cypress embedded system engine
  • NXP audio amplifiers
  • Texas Instrument pre-amplifiers
  • ARM processor
  • Sandisk memory


Fast shipping

Your PinSound+ board shipped within 48h


The best of the technology

More than 5 years of work to let you play with the best of the technology


Start a new game!

The sound is one of the most important part for a full immersion experience


Extended connectivity

Heaphones, external subwoofers, shaker, LED strip, ... The limit is your imagination!


Upgrade your pinball machine.

Buy Now - Worldwide shipping


Once your package has been shipped, you’ll receive a tracking number by email.

Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours.

You need a screwdriver… and that’s all!

The PinSound+ boards are warranted to the original owner against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product.

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Made by the PinSound Brothers

A few years back, Timothée and Nicolas aka « The PinSound Brothers » embarked on the challenge of designing a new sound board that could bring high quality sound to yesterday’s pinball machines. The PinSound project was born and after a full round of designing, engineering and problems solving, they were able to organize the manufacturing process of the PinSound boards.

To beat an ambitious challenge, you always have to train and develop high skills. After 6 years, the two brothers have reached the point where all these skills are merging to become a unique savoir-faire !