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User manual

Firmware update

v2.0 (2018-01-25)

  • Download the firmware

  • Copy the file on the root of the flash drive

  • Turn on the pinball machine

  • Wait for the update process to be done

Popular guides

Select your pinball machine and download the sound package you want to play with.

Copy the complete zip file (do not uncompress) on the root of the flash drive.

During the next boot, the PinSound board will automatically install your new sound package.

Note: the flash drive is required during a regular game, do not unplug it after installing the sound package

Auto-detection system

During the startup sequence, the status LED will blink accordingly to the system detected:

  • 2 white blinks: WPC-89
  • 3 white blinks: WPC-DCS
  • 4 white blinks: WPC-95
  • 5 white blinks: WHITESTAR
  • 6 white blinks: DATA-EAST
  • 7 white blinks: SYSTEM-11

Regular startup sequence

During a normal startup, the LED status will show the 4 following status:

  1. white lit
  2. white blinks (accordingly to the system detected)
  3. green lit: the board is ready

Error status

  • orange: weak power supply or undervoltage detected
  • red: amplifiers overcurrent detected
  • blue: engine error
  • blue + potentiometers all in blue: missing USB flash drive

Sub Bass / EQ Bass / EQ Medium / EQ Treble: adjust the digital equalizer to provide the sound exactly as you like it

Sub Booster: boost the volume of your subwoofer

Headphones station volume: adjust the gain of your headphones station

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