Rediscover your pinball machine Harley-Davidson with a full complete remastered, reorchestrated or your own sound mix ! You can customize each musics, voices, quotes and sound effects.
  • Original Music by: Dan Forden
  • Original Sound by: Dan Forden
  • Hardware: Williams WPC (Alpha Numeric)
  • Units: 2187
  • Internet Pinball DataBase
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Discover audio mix

  • The Addams Family remixed By PinHead

  • Twilight Zone DCS by Chris Granner

  • Indiana Jones Reorchestration by Endprodukt PinSound preview

  • Black Rose OST Pirates of the Caribbean by PinHead

  • Diner Sixties by PinHead

  • Johnny Mnemonic OST By PinHead

  • Judge Dredd Metallica normal game

  • Judge Dredd Metallica super game

  • Last Action Hero OST by Julien42

  • Star Trek The Next Generation OST By PinHead

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The PinSound board is also compatible with Harley-Davidson.
You can play with original sounds and enjoy all the new features of the universal PinSound audio board.

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