Rediscover your pinball machine Twilight Zone with a full complete remastered, reorchestrated or your own sound mix ! You can customize each musics, voices, quotes and sound effects.
  • Original Music by: Chris Granner
  • Original Sound by: Chris Granner, Rich Karstens
  • Hardware: Williams WPC (Fliptronics 2)
  • Units: 15235
  • Internet Pinball DataBase
Available sound packages

Enhanced music & sfx
Twilight Zone Reorchestrated
Direct download 503.80 MB  

A truly new reorchestrated sound package, for your beloved Twilight Zone pinball machine!

Every sound tracks has been reorchestrated with real instruments played by real humans!

Original sounds
Twilight Zone Original
Direct download 427 MB  

Original sounds for Twilight Zone pinball machine

Enhanced music
Twilight Zone – Deep Funky
download from PinSound Community

House, Deep House, Elecronica mix for TZ

By Doctor Grisou

Enhanced music
Twilight Zone – Western Zone
download from PinSound Community

New TZ mix by DER33

Wholly new sounds!
Twilight Zone Horror Show
download from PinSound Community

An alternate horror and spooky Twilight Zone sound package!

Thanks to DER33

Enhanced music
Twilight Zone DCS Chris Granner
download from PinSound Community

This is the DCS sound package, designed and released by Chris Granner!

Discover what would have been the Twilight Zone sound track if it had been release with a DCS sound board!