PinSound NEO
  • PinSound NEO
  • PinSound NEO
  • PinSound NEO

PinSound NEO

319,95 $
  • PinSound NEO board (need more features? check out the PinSound PLUS model)
  • Installation manual + mounting kit
  • if you select a WPC (89/DCS/95) machine: stereo 2.1 cable included
  • if you select a WPC95 machine: WPC95 kit included
  • if you select a SEGA / STERN machine: Whitestar kit included
  • No USB flash drive included. We recommend this one: Sandisk USB 3.1 16Go
Pinball machine
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PinSound NEO sound board

PinSound+ features and specification

List of compatible pinball machines

PinSound compatible pinball machines

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Love the new sound board! Very easy to install. Only had to make an adapter for the small hook-ups for the speaker wires.

Total Rating: 0 1 2 3 4

Got the T2 Board installed. LOVE the sounds. Great work on this.
Everything is working perfectly. You guys are badass!