Rediscover your pinball machine Creature From The Black Lagoon with a full complete remastered, reorchestrated or your own sound mix ! You can customize each musics, voices, quotes and sound effects.
  • Original Music by: Paul Heitsch
  • Original Sound by: Paul Heitsch
  • Hardware: Williams WPC (Fliptronics 2)
  • Units: 7841
  • Internet Pinball DataBase
Available sound packages

Original sounds
Creature From The Black Lagoon Original
Direct download 246.10 MB  

Original sounds for Creature From The Black Lagoon pinball machine

Wholly new sounds!
Wool’s Creech PinSound mix
download from PinSound Community

Completely new sound package by The_Wool
- main tracks replaced
- new voiceovers added
- many new sound effects

Enhanced music
download from PinSound Community

A great alternate fan-made sound package