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Bally Williams WPC 89-DCS

Stern Whitestar

Bally Williams WPC 95


Sega Whitestar

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Every pinball machine shaker settings is embedded in the PLUS/NEO or Master Effect firmware.

Simple make sure to update your PinSound sound board or Master Effect with the latest firmware available:

help page: download

On the Motion Control board, here are the smart LED status:

 LED status

For information, a white blink will flash every time a shaker event is triggered.

The Motion Control board is not compatible with PinSound version 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4 sound boards.


  1. check the smart LED status on the Motion Control board
  2. try the “test button” onto the Motion Control board (your shaker motor should run)
  3. check your EXT1 connexion (between the Motion Control board and the PLUS/NEO/XL or Master Effect board)
  4. Diagnosis file: on the flash drive (PLUS/NEO/XL or Master Effect) open the “pinsound-self-diagnosis.txt” file and check the Motion Control section information.

You can define your own shaker settings (power, duration, trigger events, …) with the help of the PinSound Studio Pro (watch the video below).

If an official shakerization has already been made for this pinball machine, your settings will replace the official shakerization (only your shaker settings will be applied, no merge between the official shakerization and your own).

You can connect any electrical device on the secondary controlled output on your Motion Control board.

⚠️ WARNING: Each device being different, the wiring of your device should be indicated on its own installation manual. This kind of installation often requires a minimum knowledge about electrical manipulation. Any failures or consequences of the installation of a secondary device are at your own risk and liability. In no case does the guarantee cover any damages or indirect damages caused by a careless installation or handling mistake. Please contact a technician if you do not feel confident doing it yourself.

The Motion Control will allow you to control when to switch on / off this electrical circuit.

Note: this relay output doesn’t deliver any power, it’s a controlled ON / OFF relay.


Then, you have to program the trigger events for this secondary output:
– open your sound package (from the PinSound flash drive) in the PinSound Studio Pro software
– find the adequate sound(s) when you want to activate this relay
– select the duration of the trigger (max 10 sec)
– save your settings
– reconnect your flash drive and try it on your machine!

How to customize your shaker or relay events with PinSound Studio Pro?

PinSound Studio Pro is available here.

Motion Control Shaker Kit

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